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Get Help Doing Business In Mexico

Doing business in Mexico requires specialized knowledge about employment laws, import-export regulations, customs requirements, and the local business language. Respectfully navigating the Mexican business culture can lead to more business and less frustration. Companies make the mistake of assuming their culture is the dominant role. When doing business in Mexico, you must understand that personal and family relationships are critical. Relationships with Mexican business colleagues often transition into personal relationships. Relationship boundaries, culture, and etiquette can make or break a new business deal. Get help doing business in Mexico by connecting with a 20-year veteran. 

A legal liaison will direct organizations through bureaucratic terrain. Liaisons understand business strategy and local culture to leverage them to enhance business goals. Your business needs a legal liaison trusted by U.S. and Mexican officials to get further faster.

An experienced legal liaison can help with:

  • Plant audits across Mexico

  • Getting products to market in Mexico

  • Product recalls

  • Corporate and labor counseling

  • Business and product registrations

  • Developing business relationships

  • In-person negotiations 

  • Understanding the tax on imports and exports

  • Understanding the risk of doing business in Mexico

  • Advising on sectors including manufacturing and assembly, agriculture, freight transportation, consumer products from technology to textiles, automotive parts or assembling, outsourcing, mergers, and acquisitions

Productivity is movement, but moving without direction is destructive. Apply this viewpoint to business growth and development. When a midsize company aims to expand, the most agile way to do so is to enter the international business market. In 2016, 53,000 U.S. small and medium businesses exported $76.2 billion in goods to Mexico. Was your company a part of this number? If not, make smart business moves by investing in a legal liaison for international expansion. Ensure things run smoothly by engaging someone with over 20 years of experience. 

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