5 Online Jobs In India Without Investment And Technical Skills

Are you looking for full-time Online Jobs in India but got no technical skills? Or you want to Make Money Online in India during your part-time?

If your answer to any of the above question is yes, you are at the right place. In this article, I will share with you Legitimate Online Jobs in India without investment

So let us go straight to the topic.

Legitimate Online Jobs In India Without Investment

Below are some of the Legitimate ways to make money online in India without investment. These methods do not require any special technical skills.

1. Online Jobs At ClixSense

Clixsense is a website which allows you to make money by completing simple surveys and Micro jobs called tasks. Completing the surveys is very easy and requires only basic internet skills.

However, tasks may require some analytical skills. But yes, you don't need any formal education or course to complete the tasks too.

There are very few surveys available for Indians. However, the same is not the case with tasks. Most Indian on ClixSense are making good money with tasks. So if you want to earn money at ClixSense, you should focus more on tasks and complete occasional surveys.

ClixSense offers tasks through a third party company called Figure Eight. Both ClixSense and Figure Eight are legitimate and reliable.

ClixSense will not make you rich, but it will get you a decent side income. For me, ClixSense is my second largest source of income apart from my blog.

2. Online Jobs At Microworkers

Microworkers is another website that offers Online Micro Jobs in India. However, the microjobs at Microworkers are different from ClixSense. These are simpler jobs like Signing up for a newsletter, commenting on blog posts, sharing something on Twitter etc.

However, the disadvantage with Microworkers is the limited earning scope in India. Tasks in Microworkers are made available as per region and Indians get very few tasks. This is unlike ClixSense where people will level up and get more tasks.

However, with Microworkers you can still make a steady income.

3. Online Jobs At Fiverr

Fiverr is another website that offers Online jobs in India without investment. It is essentially a marketplace that brings together Freelancers and Employers.

At Fiverr, the freelancer will create a "Gig" which is nothing but a statement that tells potential employers what they can do for $5. The employers can then search for freelancers and hire them depending on his needs.

Most part of Fiverr is for people with technical skills. However, the "Fun and Lifestyle" section does offer enough opportunities for non-technical but creative people to make money online.

People at Fiverr make money by doing crazy stuff. There is a Gig where a man was speaking client's message wearing a Costume made from vegetables.

So if you got skills you can make good money at Fiverr.

4. Create YouTube Channel

A lot of people are making money online in India by creating YouTube channel and uploading interesting videos on it.

The videos can be anything from cute babies to prank videos to mobile phone reviews. However, they must be original or copyright free if you want to Make Money with it.

Usually, people use YouTube AdSense to make money. In this method, YouTube will display advertisements in your video to generate revenue. YouTube will then pay you a commission for the same.

You can also use YouTube Channel to make money through sponsored videos and Affiliate marketing.

5. Content Writing Online Jobs

Content writing is one of the most popular online jobs in India. If you are a good writer or if you have good command over the English language, you can make handsome money by writing for blog articles for bloggers and website content for SMB's

Websites like iWriter and Upwork gives you the opportunity to get freelance writing works from clients across the seas. You can even find content writing work on Fiverr and some Facebook Groups related to content writing.

If you are a starter you can earn 25 paise to 35 paise per word. That is for a 1000 word article like this, you will earn Rs. 250 to Rs. 350. Experienced writers get 50 paise to 1 Rupee per word or even higher depending on their skills.

6. Virtual Assitant Online Jobs

If you take care of administrative works in the office or if you are working as a personal assistant, you can make money online by being a virtual assistant.

The jobs of a virtual assistant are similar to personal assistant with just one difference, you don't meet your client. Rather you complete all his work from the comfort of your home. 

The advantage of the Virtual assistant is that you can work with multiple clients and the ones from the countries outside India with a higher pay scale. So, if done right, you can earn more than regular personal assistant jobs.

7. Sell Your Designs

If you have a creative mind and can design stuff, you can make money online by working with Print on Demand (PoD) websites. 

You can register for free at PoD websites. After registration, you can create your own store at the website. You can then design products like T-shirt, Handbags and other gift items by using online design tools provided by the website.

Once the design is complete, you can add the product to your online store. The store will then display the same to potential buyers at their website.

Whenever someone buys a product designed by you, the website will print your design on the black product and ship the same to the client. Everything from inventory to marketing to printing to shipping is taken care of by the website.

You just have to design the product. Once the deal is complete you earn a commission for your design. Cafepress and Zazzle are two legtiimate websites to get PoD Online Jobs in India without investment.

Final Words

Online jobs in India are very popular. However, most people stay away from it because either they are not sure what to do or they are scared of scams.

In this post, I've made sure to share with you Legitimate Online Jobs In India Without investment. So, it addresses both the issues.

I hope this article helps you to generate a steady source of online income.

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  • April 8, 2018
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